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100 MIT Quotes



Keeping motivated and inspired is a daily expectation for many of us and ‘inspirational quotes’ has taken the role of giving some spontaneous vibes, motivations, inspirations and/or a ‘thunderbolt’ to get going during tough and challenging times. Some use them as best friends, mentors and coaches and keep them posted on their walls, desks, digital devices both at home and office, also on the move. Here are some of my own (MIT’s Inspirational Quotes) for you to read, breathe and act upon to make the difference you always wanted. Select some of these MIT’s Inspirational Quotes that inspire and motivate you and post or stick them at any visible location of your choice, so that you ‘walk the talk’ with motivation and inspiration. I hope some of these MIT’s Inspirational Quotes can help change how you think and feel about yourself, others and the world, to make a difference with those around you.

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